Finding the right investment property

There are many important factors to consider when purchasing an investment property.
Often people will buy with their heart.  The desire for them or a loved one to move into it one day or because they live in the area.  These strategies do not always yield the best results.

When buying an investment property you are effectively buying a small business.  When buying a small business the most important thing to look at is Cash Flow.

Without it you won’t be in business very long.  An investment property without cash flow is going to cost you money.  Sometimes money you don’t have.  Should you not be able to sustain the required cash flow, you may be forced to sell the property or prop it up with further lending.  We believe in long-term strategies that work.


There are numerous factors which you need to consider before purchasing an Investment Property.

  • What are the Tax Advantages?
  • Is there strong capital growth in the area?
  • What about surrounding infrastructure?
  • Can I build a Portfolio?

When purchasing Real Estate, these are serious considerations.



We believe there are 4 key factors when looking for an investment property








Growth Factors


Cash Flows


By implementing these 4 key factors, we are confident in setting up a sound, financially strong investment strategy for our clients.  We base our recommendations on YOUR numbers and what you can comfortably afford to purchase and sustain in the long term.